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(updated 6/11/00)

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(Updated 6/11/00) The Millennium Group, previously known for their scientific studies on comet Hale-Bopp regarding its true size and active volcanoes, have recently reported evidence that comet 76P West-Kahoutek-Ikemura may on 5/28/00 or 6/5/00 fly within 30,000 miles of the planet Mars.  NASA officially considers such an encounter a "imminent hit" in astronomical terms.   Based upon on various information, both from the Milleninium Group and CyberSpace Orbit (check here also), there appears to have been some kind of MAJOR event possibly having to do with Mars and the comet.

There have been so many weird comet coincidences, including with this one in just the past few years, that it seems hardly coincidental.  Four years ago, this comet crossed the same exact spot in our skies as comet Hale-Bopp did exactly one year later, but going at a 90 degree angle of the other comet's path.   Remember the Shoemaker comet that exploded into Jupiter back in the early 1990's?  It seems that our inner solar system is quite possibly in for more rock parties, if you catch my orbital drift.

(Updated 8/13/99)  A number of  readers of  my web page have noticed that the intensity of the light from the sun noticeably increased since sometime around mid-1997.   Also, both an air conditioner repair person and a plumber who came by our house showed me strange blisters they got from being in the sun around 8/27/98.  Both of these men had good "California" tans (unlike myself), and they claimed that they never had such a thing happen to them before.  Both found it interesting that there was a solar eruption just a few days before on the sun  before they went out in the sun to work.

(Updated 10/19/99) I have also been hearing from readers of my web page about other strange things,  such as those living further north in Canada and in the state of Washington who had observed birds starting to fly south for the winter in MID-JULY (1998)!  Strange things that they are seeing did not stop back then.  Check out what readers of my web page are sending  me regarding other unusual stuff happening.

(Updated 8/28/99) Warning! There has been a general increase of  major solar eruptions.  Solar  flare and CME (coronal mass ejection) class size of note range from smaller C-class, through the large M-class, to the very large X-class, where each class ranges from 1.0 to 9.9 in intensity.  The effects of the storms take a few days to reach the earth, usually about  three days, but can arrive roughly a day sooner or later depending upon how fast the energy came out of the sun.  Be very careful not to expose yourself for extended lengths of time outside in the direction of the sun, since a number of people got rashes and blisters from previous solar storms.   Go  to the official NOAA site, here, or here to find out about the latest solar storms and related (and unrelated) information.    The sun has been generally unstable for quite some time, and will continue to become more unstable as we approach an expected peak in solar storm activity sometime shortly after the start of next year.

(Added 9/19/99) The following information is automatically updated from NOAA every 10 minutes regarding solar flaring.  Normal: indicates that Solar X-ray flux is quiet (< 1.00e-6 W/m^2).  Active: Solar X-ray flux is active (>= 1.00e-6 W/m^2).  M Class Flare: An M Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-5 W/m^2).  X Class Flare: An X Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-4 W/m^2).  Mega Flare: An unprecedented X-ray event has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-3 W/m^2).

Solar X-ray activity

(Updated 2/17/99) Back on 12/23/98, Earl Crockett and the Millennium Group requested me to post the following information: We, at The Millennium Group have made another incredible discovery.  That of another, new body in the solar system. For the details please go to: <>  It is of vital importance that you help us get the word out. We believe, as informed by governmental sources, that this discovery will soon be announced by NASA and our government, in an attempt to take complete credit for this historical find. Please pass this URL along to anyone that might be interested. Once again, we at The Millennium Group thank you for all of your wonderful support.  Go here to read the original e-mail I received from them detailing the discovery.  One of these new "bodies" (planets) appears to have an orbital period of 30-32 days, between the sun and the planet Mercury.  Could these new planets be the cause of the fairly recent instabilities in the sun?  The SOHO satellite went into "safe" mode (can't see new pictures) just as the new planet was expected to come into sight from behind the sun back then, and the Millennium Group was expecting a SOHO "shutdown" on a regular basis when the new planet would again come into sight.  Again as predicted, on 2/14/99, SOHO shutdown AGAIN.   See the latest and details found by the Millennium Group, which provide even stronger proof that we have at least one new planet in our solar system.   They also provide a very interesting explanation for why major solar flare activity has died down for a while.

(Added 6/15/98) Remember the news story about two "comets" going into the sun on 6/2 and 6/3/98?  Kent Steadman provides some interesting reasons why he thinks that these "comets" were actually missiles shot from the earth to stabilize the sun due to it supposedly having lost all of its hydrogen (H2).  The missiles would allegedly force some of the sun's Helium to break down into Hydrogen atoms (if I understood correctly).  Kent also appears to think that something else may have been shot at the sun on 4/9/97. Also, Kent and others believe that the sun recently lost its magnetic north and south poles.

(Added 7/7/98) Did comet Hale-Bopp really leave our solar system?  Gary Goodwin provides strong evidence that it did not in his June '98 article.  In fact it might actually have been this "new" comet C 1998 J1!  Is there a connection between the SOHO spacecraft "failure" and  this "new" comet?

(Updated 6/15/98) According to Gary Goodwin and his "Millennium Group," there was a "behemoth-sized comet" now near the sun that is heading for a close encounter with Earth (around 5/1/98).  It appears that its main mass will go by us within about 0.85 AU (79 million miles) around the end of May 1998.  Go to his May '98 article for more. The government is calling it comet C 1998 J1.   Mr. Goodwin and others say that it is at least as big as Comet Hale-Bopp.  Go here for some official information about it.  A 21 May 1998 picture of the comet shows it going right through the constellation very close and parallel to Orion's "belt."  This is interesting in light of comet Hale-Bopp going through Orion last year also.

(Updated 7/25/98) Why were all of the major astronomy telescopes of the world all "down for repair" while comet Hale-Bopp, the brightest comet to pass Earth in over 400 years, was approaching the Earth?  Why were the "latest" Hubble telescope pictures of Hale-Bopp that were displayed to the public, taken on October 17, 1996?  Check the date, this picture was not made public until March 27, 1997, after so many complained of no Hubble pictures of the comet since the year 1995!  If this comet was only twenty-five miles wide as NASA said, how come it was so bright in the sky when its closest approach to Earth was supposedly 121 MILLION MILES away?  Read the technical "science-orientated" set of articles that look at the weird stuff regarding this remarkable comet at Gary Goodwin's site!

(Updated 7/28/98) Gary Goodwin recently talked about the strange objects the SOHO naval satellite has been closely watching, and have been blocked out of the pictures that are made available to the public.  Could this be more evidence that the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the Trojan asteroid belt of Jupiter have been greatly disturbed?  There is already lots of evidence that our solar system has been greatly disturbed because of the fly-by of comet Hale-Bopp through our solar system.   The cause has to do with Hale-Bopp's actual size, which is at least as large as the Earth, and probably bigger.  NASA obviously did not want widespread panic by spreading this information.   Gary's October 1997 article continues to give us startling evidence of major solar system changes, including Antarctica melting as never seen before.  He does not believe that El Nino or the Greenhouse effect is melting Antarctica or causing all the currently strange weather.  He thinks it is all due to the Earth's core heating up, and comet Hale-Bopp gets the credit for causing it.   By the way, isn't El Nino supposed to be a weather pattern that only occurs around Christmas time, and only affect areas touching the Pacific Ocean?  Also, I thought we were not supposed to have another El Nino for at least a few more years.  Mr. Goodwin's site is going through some major reorganization (he even seems to be getting a bit religious, which surprised me).   He says he may even be changing servers, so watch for that.  He seems to think that we have not seen the end to the problems caused by Comet Hale-Bopp, which he now refers to as our newest planet of our solar system.   I wonder if it's orbit has become much less elliptical than reported, if Gary's reference about the comet is correct.   Where is it now exactly?

(Added 7/10/99) Check out Asteroids and Comets News for information about such things as newly discovered NEO's (near earth objects) that are passing dangerously close to us.  What amazes me is how often (every few days) a new large NEO is discovered.  Why haven't we been hit by one of these numerous objects out there?  Is it luck, providence, or has there been a major increase lately of these objects flying by us?  Is this more evidence of our solar system's asteroid belts being disturbed?

 Chuck Shramek (passed away 5/23/00) started an uproar with the "scientific" powers-that-be when he first posted a VERY unusual picture of the comet Hale-Bopp.    His new page seems to be now devoted mainly to the theory of the government covering up "UFO" evidence.   He hardly talks about information regarding comet Hale-Bopp  as he once did, but you do get a lot to chew on with his Hale-Bopp link.   Some have tried to blame the Heaven's Gate suicide "cult" suicide deaths on his past information, but he was NOT the only one to see the other object (or objects) that were next to the comet.  Chuck seems to basically believe in the standard view on "UFOs," which I don't quite buy into, since there is at least one other way to interpret the "UFO" evidence being seen.  Chuck seems closed-minded to other views.  I have had some personal e-mail contact with him about this stuff.

(Updated 5/18/99) More than two years after the "scientific" community tried to discredit Chuck Shramek for spotting various large objects around comet Hale Bopp, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist during 2/99 provided scientific proof that there was at least one object traveling with the comet that was at least 30 km wide.  See the newly posted  information of still  more proof of at least two major objects making up the head of Hale-Bopp, confirmed by world "top ten" astronomers.  It now appears that the new object (unofficially named planet "Orca") that is now in a very close orbit of the sun originally was part of comet Hale-Bopp before it approached the sun back in 1997.

(Added 9/4/97)  Check out Ernst-Inge Pilskog's article about comet Hale-Bopp to see how it seems to support Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision theories.  He shows Chuck Shramek's now famous "companion" picture of the comet, plus a Japanese observatory picture taken that shows an even stranger visual of this "companion." He even mentions Zecharia Sitchin's 1976 theory that talked about a 12th planet that takes 3500 years to complete a highly elliptical orbit around the sun, which he found written in ancient Babylonian sources.  Was comet Hale-Bopp the 12th "planet," or should we be waiting for another "planet" to follow the same path appearing out of the constellation Sagittarius?

(Added 8/9/99) Those at Millennium News appear to believe that the path over land that the shadow of the coming 8/11/99 eclipse, the last eclipse of the millennium, is strangely significant, in that it crosses "religious hot spots - the IRA in the UK - Balkans/Kosovo - the Middle East and Asia/Southern Russia," implying that this eclipse is not a coincidence.

(Added 8/13/99)  Some  have considered it a "sign" that the 8/11/99 solar eclipse occurred in Israel just a few hours before the beginning of their Days of Reconciliation (also called Days of Repentance), which consists of a time of somber reflection and repentance towards God and our fellow man.  The last of four unusual lunar eclipses all falling on Jewish holidays occurred on 9/16/97, which was right in the middle of this time period.  Also, during this year's Days of Repentance,  on 8/17/99 and 8/18/99, what "the planets will form a pattern that is in a cross shape. Called a Grand Cross in Astrology, this particular configuration will be the most unusual astrology pattern of the last two thousand years."

(Updated 10/11/99) Comet C/1999 H1 (LEE) has obviously passed the earth with negligible effect.  Nevertheless, you might still want to check out Greg Killian's site for some possible religious interpretations of this comet among other "signs" occurring at the very same time.

 (Updated 3/29/98) Cutting Edge  has one of the best overviews I have seen regarding how this "invasion" of UFOs  could be tied into prophecies found in the Bible.  Chuck Missler has good articles here and here about who the "sons of God" might be  in Genesis chapter 6, and how he thinks they tie into this coming "invasion."

(Updated 3/29/98) Greg Killian's stuff seems to agree with a lot of what Watcher says, but from more of a Jewish perspective and without talking about "UFOs" (did you see him share this stuff on the 700 Club TV show on 5/22/97 or 6/19/97?). Andrew Strom wrote an easier to read (and shorter) version, covering most of Greg's main points.  One thing they talk about is the prediction in the Talmud that states that comets never go through the constellation Orion, because if it did, it would mean the destruction of the Earth. Comet Hale-Bopp passed through Orion between 5/20/97 and 6/16/97.  Never before seen by mankind, a set of four lunar eclipses occurred during significant Jewish feasts, all within a span of two years, one eclipse occurring every six lunar months.  The last occurred on 9/16/97, during the Days of Repentance.    Greg also points out that we will have a rather close flyby of asteroid 433 Eros on 4/11/98, which is Passover.  Quoting Greg: "In the spring of 1995, NASA sent a space craft to Eros 433.  The space craft is designed to orbit Eros 433 and study it. What makes this space craft unusual is that it had the shortest cycle from conception to launch.  This speed seems unusual for such an innocuous mission.  It also seems odd that this asteroid is going to be studied so intensely because we have already learned that most asteroids are just hunks of nickel.  What is there to study?  Comet Hale-Bopp passed extremely close, astronomically speaking, to Eros 433, on Chanukah (December 5, 1996)."

By using a somewhat different approach, Hal's site shows by calculations why he thinks this is the "end times." He appears to agree with Watcher and Killian regarding the approximate starting and ending times of the expected "big" events.  Hal sets the end date in the year 2004.

(Added 1/2/98) By using still another somewhat different approach, Charles Ryalls concludes that the end date is in the year 2005.  It seems that Hal's site could be fairly easily adjusted to this year (the opposite does not seem to be true).

Jim Bramtlet shows us that the early church fathers back to at least 100 AD and the authors of the Talmud believed that the time around 2000 AD would be the climax of human history!  Nostradamus was not even close to being the first person to come up with a date around this time!

(Added 6/11/00)  Those at have come up with some very interesting calculations and observation that point to the idea that appear to point to the time around 3/17/2001 as possibly very significant to biblical "end times" events, leading to a corrisponding date of 8/28/2004.  Considering that this site used somewhat different calculations and observations that the other sites listed above, it is interesting that it comes very close to the other dates.

(Updated 12/30/99) Regarding Nostradamus, it is my opinion that most of his "predictions" are far too vague to be even worthwhile to consider, except for a few interesting exceptions.  By now, it seems pretty clear that his "7th month" (literally is "Sept") of 1999 prediction failed, and also his late November/December 1999 prediction.  Nevertheless, go here to see my article which provides evidence that Nostradamus "borrowed" these predictions from more ancient sources, thus making Nostradamus something much less than a prophet or psychic.

(Updated 2/28/98) The Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Giza, has been thought for thousands of years to have dates of future important events of history actually built into its geometry!  See this site where they explain why it is significant that our North Star has been shining down a descending passage in the side of the pyramid.   In 1997, the North Star's light just started reaching a special well shaft exit going upward (called The Point of Last Escape).   The bottom of the descending shaft (called The Pit) will be reached by the light of this star in seven years, around the year 2004.   They also tie this into the "end of the world."  Also, did you know that this pyramid appears to be referred to in the Bible in Isaiah 19:19-20?  Since "signs" appear to refer to things coming up (like on the road), could this "point of last escape" be referring to a later time, such as in the next few years?  What's the point of having a "sign" when you don't have time to "turn?"

(Updated 12/6/98) Another amazing structure near the Pyramid of Giza is the Sphinx.  There is strong reason to believe that both the Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx were built before the world-wide flood of Genesis chapter 7, and were probably the only two man-made structures that survived it.  There is evidence of massive erosion due to WATER (not sand) on the Sphinx.  Steve Reid (link no longer works) has found some interesting information regarding a small statue inside the Sphinx that has stirred up a lot of interest, even from organizations such as JPL (Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory).  I have just become aware of another site with information about this, and other startling things regarding the Sphinx, The Pyramid of Giza, and other important Egyptian sites.   This information used to be found at the now defunct link to Amargi Hillier's and Larry Hunter's site.  Their presentation sounded like an Indiana Jones meets Fox Mulder mini-novel.  You needed to have read the entire 14 pages to understand the context of the findings.   If you read the information at the also  now defunct link Duat 1998-2012, you would have seen  Amargi saying that he will not allow Armageddon to occur.  Who does Amargi think he is? Many of you might laugh at his strange way of thinking, but in light of where things seem to be going, I believe most people are going to start thinking like him very soon.   I just found another site where much of Amargi's writings can be found, among other seemingly important pyramid information.

(Added 6/19/98) Have you ever noticed the following from the Bible: (1 Peter 2:4-7) And coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God, you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  For {this} is contained in Scripture: "Behold I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious corner {stone} and he who believes in Him shall not be disappointed." This precious value, then, is for you who believe. But for those who disbelieve, "The stone which the builders rejected, this became the very corner {stone} . A more literal translation of the highlighted text is the same is made the head of the corner.  It has been brought to my attention that the only kind of structure that permits a stone to be "the head of the corner" is a pyramid structure.  The pyramid of Giza is missing its headstone on top.  It is also my understanding that the required size and weight (over 200 tons) of the stone to complete the pyramid would be humanly impossible to place on top.  It is interesting that Jeremiah 32:18-20; Job 38:4-6; Psalms 118:21-23; and Acts 4:11-12 all seem to indicate that only God can put this headstone on top.  This is similar to the Masonic-like pyramid and floating headstone with the "all-seeing" eye on the back of our dollar bills.

(Added 9/29/97) Did you know that the Mayan calendar actually ends soon?  The date that this is understood to happen on is 12/22/2012.  I recall having seen at least one site that claimed that this calendar really "ends" in the year 2004, which is supposedly right after the end of the calendar's 166th cycle.

(Added 8/6/98) I recently read  two extremely good books on "UFOs" and "aliens" that cover important information that all the other "UFO experts" don't talk about.  One is Alien Encounters, The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon, by Chuck Missler (1997), published by Koinonia House.  This book is especially good for how it covers many historical details about "UFOs" and "aliens" (all the way back to ancient times) that in most cases are not mentioned to the general public.  The other is Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, by Fr. Seraphim Rose, published by St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.  Even though the final update of this second  book was back in 1983, along with the author being strongly biased toward his  Eastern Orthodox denomination, the entire book is a must-read regarding how religious thought for a number of years has been moving everyone (Christian and non-Christian) towards following and even worship of "alien" beings.  Ironically, much of the Eastern Orthodox church itself appears to be ignoring his teachings and warnings.

(10/29/99) Who are you talking to when you ask questions of a Ouija Board?  Many of us have played with such things a time or two, but gone no further than that.  What usually happens to those who "play" with it longer?  See what some researchers have observed with such people.  My own experience with Ouija Boards in the past confirms their observations.

(Updated 10/3/98) Have you read The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin?   In a nutshell, it is about hidden messages that are supposedly encoded in the first five books of the Old Testament portion of the Bible in the ancient Hebrew language.  The messages are decoded by skipping letters at an equal distance (such as twenty-two letters at a time, and up and beyond forty thousand letters at a time).  What amazes me about this is not just that this code talks about a few historical (and future) facts and people, it appears to contain all the information of the world in it, including information about you and me!!   It predicts an end of the world scenario to begin to occur at this time of history.   Nuclear war appears to be tied into the years 2000 and 2006 somehow.  The beginning of the end started with the assassination of Rabin in Israel which was found encoded in the Bible.  What makes this even more amazing, is that the people who came to these conclusions were not even religious!  Warning: predicting the future seems to be difficult at best with the code, and the code has a strange way of being misleading until AFTER predicted events have occurred.  So much for using it for fortune telling.  Research about this code has passed three scientific peer reviews, and it has been published in statistical journals as being scientifically valid!  This may be the first time the Bible has been proven scientifically true in history!  Check out Henry Martin's (MDiv) page on his studies and finding using Bible Code software.

In spite of the uncertainty about using the Bible code for predicting the future, it has what I consider another very strong purpose: to confirm the Bible's validity.   One can search it for past information (such as about one's self) and see if it is encoded in the Bible.  Some people are speculating about whether or not this Bible code is "the unsealing" of the Bible predicted in Daniel 12:9.  Others are speculating about whether or not this code is the "book of life" that contains everyone's name of those who can enter God's future kingdom (Revelation 20:12-15).

I found it interesting that in spite of the fact that Mr. Drosnin is certain that the Bible code is truly there, and that it goes far beyond anyone's ability to have ever created it, even with use of our best computers, that he cannot allow himself to believe that this code is proof that God wrote not only the code, but the Bible also.  It is my opinion that he might be holding to the belief that advanced alien beings in the distant past encoded the Bible.  What Mr. Drosnin seems to forget is that even timing of the discovery of each and every bit of decoded information he found was extremely coincidental, and he points this out over and over in his book.  I suspect that Mr. Drosnin and many like him will try and use this amazing code as "evidence" of UFOs rather than evidence for God.  I think that it is critical that the reader see how ridiculous it is to think that any UFO being could be so advanced as to have encoded the Bible the way it appears to be coded, especially since the code affirms the clear and non-coded passages of the Bible.  Maybe that is why "UFO beings" could be the ones worshiped by humans in the near future as "gods."

I suggest that the reader also read The Signature of God, by Grant R. Jeffery.  He has shown that the name "Yeshua" (Hebrew for Jesus)  is encoded in quite a few of the Bible code's passages, including the Messianic passages.   Here is a web article that shows this evidence.

It appears that page 149 of The Bible Code might lend support to the "Rahab" theory held by the Watcher website.  This is rather exciting to me, considering that I was rather skeptical about the Watcher's Bible interpretation of Rahab in the Bible.

(Updated 5/19/99) Have you noticed any strange contrails spread by numerous jet aircraft in the area you live?  I have been hearing more and more about such trails as causing many people to get physically ill.   Also, there appears to have been a major increase in these strange contrails in the area since around the beginning of March 1999.  Since I speak to a lot of people in and around Los Angeles, I have found out that there has also been a sudden jump in illnesses, especially among those who claim to never get sick shortly after the increase of these contrails.  Some are speculating that since biological weapons would be most successful if deployed from the air, then the most successful way to immunize us would also be from the air.  So, could these alleged sicknesses by due to side-effects of secret immunization of the public from the air?  Also, many eyewitnesses claim that these trails are causing the weather to be greatly affected.  See this page for some pictures taken of these suspicious contrails, sent to me by a regular reader.  Also, check out Contrail Connection and Strange Haze to see  extensive reporting  and pictures on these now not so unusual sightings.

(Added 5/19/99)  A number of readers have pointed out quite a number of strange near-perfectly circular doppler radar images over various parts of the USA.  Some of the most striking circles were seen right around the time and area of the record-breaking F-5 (some claim F-6) Oklahoma tornado on 5/3/99.  Some think these circles are not natural, but man-made attempts to manipulate the weather.  Others have claimed that they are due to underground increases in magma flow activity.  Whatever the cause, it now appears very important to let you know about it.

(Added 8/14/99) I recently finished reading the online autobiographical book, COME SAIL AWAY: UFO Phenomenon & The Bible.  This originally reluctant author decided not too long ago to share his horrifying experiences he has had with aliens, and tells us things about them that not only support the idea that they are some kind of spirit beings, but that they are evil, and maybe even demonic.

(Added 8/14/99) I am in the process of reading The Final Deception, a free online fictional book that depicts how Bible predictions may unfold in the near future.  What interests me the most about this book, is that it appears to agree with many of my own conclusions on how things will turn out.

(Added 8/30/99) Were you aware of how much science supports the Bible's recording of history?  Would you be surprised if you became aware of strong scientific evidence that not only showed that evolution is a myth, but that the Earth and the rest of our universe is less than 10,000 years old?  How did Noah fit dinosaurs on the ark?  Go here to find some good easy-to-read information about things like these, and answers to other interesting questions.  The web page author appears to encourage readers to ask him any question, so ask him some of your honest questions, and wait to see his reply.


(Updated 12/25/98) I have decided to start a page called Links to Other Web Sites Possibly Related to Mine.  Do you think my web site should be linked to yours?

millennium apocalypse Armageddon UFOs Bible Aliens & Antichrist prophecy cosmic omens comet Hale Bopp comet Hyukatake TEOTWAWKI comet Tempel Tuttle Leonid meteor comet debris asteroid impact danger asteroid collision Mars sphinx Egypt sphinx  Cydonia Mars NASA Mars conspiracy alien Mars Cydonia Mars Martian Face Mars Sphinx face Mars Martian Mars Cydonia Sphinx face Egypt Mars Cydonia Mars face Cydonia UFO Antichrist alien satan ufos Bible prophecy Millennium  Apocalypse, Bible Prophecy, Tribulation and Antichrist. UFOs & Antichrist, Angels & Millennium Satan Aliens watcher paranoid conspiracy cosmic rapture 2000 Angels Nephilim UFOs - Millennium paranoia apocalypse prophecy aliens demons new world order antichrist rapture tribulation ufo conspiracyarea 51,  antichrist, HAARP, alien bases, New Age prophecy, millennialism Israel Gog  Magog
Revelation Chapters 12 and 13.  Will It Really Happen?

Revelation 12:7 -- And there was a battle in heaven, Michael and his angels battled with the dragon. And (the dragon) did not prevail, neither was his place found any more in heaven.  And that great dragon was cast down, the ancient serpent, he who is called the devil and Satan, who leads astray the whole world, and he was cast down to the earth and with him his angels were cast down.

Watcher website posits that "this war in heaven has NOT YET occurred.  It takes place at the midpoint of the tribulation, after 1260 days of the Antichrist's power. At that time, there will no longer be a place in the heavens found for the rebel angels and the dragon.  They will no longer be able to travel interdimensionally, distorting time, space and whatnot.  At that time the rebel angels will be stuck in one dimension, cast down to earth to await judgment.  That is why they are trying to convince earthlings that they are really ALIENS. When they are stuck here on earth, man will be deceived into accepting them as some sort of saviors, or as mankind's anything but the demons that they are."

Revelation 13:16-18-- And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

(Updated 9/13/97) Have you taken a close look at those UPC codes on everything we buy now?  If you doubt that the start, end, and middle lines stand for the number 6, check this diagram  which I found at a business school, not at a UFO or religion site.

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(Updated 12/1/98) So, how likely is it that the Jews in Israel will be deceived into accepting this coming Antichrist as their Christ ("Moshiach," or Messiah)?  If Rabbi Manis Friedman is accurate in what he says compared to New Testament prophecies on the subject, then I would say it is VERY LIKELY.

(Updated 10/26/99) On 12/1/98, I received a couple of e-mails from Moshe Yess, Director of Operations for Redemption News Network, in regards to the paragraph above, and in regards to my web site in general.  Here is a related quote: Now if for no other reason other than allowing democratic freedom of expression please allow your viewers to see at least what we are saying.  I know Rabbi Mannis Friedman. I have known him for years. Please stop demonizing Jews and labeling everything and anything as the antichrist...Now if you love your brethren then at least give them the chance to explore what their mother religion has to say about its own property.   Well, web readers, I do not believe that I improperly applied the New Testament prophecies regarding the Antichrist to Rabbi Friedman's words, though I am aware of the fact that Jewish people could be upset by my conclusions.  You can be the judge of all this for yourselves by taking a look at their site.  By the way, they believe that one of their now deceased Rabbis is the soon-coming Messiah, or "Moshiach" as they call him.

(Added 9/7/98) UFO researcher Michael (last name Holman?) plans on trying to document UFO activity during a ten-day trip along U.S. highway 666, also known as "the devil's highway," starting 10/1.  Michael says that he read "that this strip of road had more UFO Sightings than any other in the country."  If this is true, then this appears to be another in a long line of connections between "UFOs," "aliens," and the book of Revelation.  I have crossed but never driven this highway on a number of trips that I have taken to New Mexico from here (Los Angeles, California).

(Added 6/1/99) How would you like to post your own thoughts or questions with others who have visited this site?  If so, then go here.  The bulletin board site for all this is currently being maintained by "Stargazer." (Thanks, Stargazer).   I highly suggest that you at least read most of What Do I Think It All Means before posting your thoughts or questions, since we have found that most people's thoughts and questions were dealt with or answered somewhere at that link.


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