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What Should We Do to Prepare for the Future?

(updated 10/23/99) 
When some people read the information I provide about coming events, quite a few respond by telling me that they would rather not know about all these awful things.  “I don't want to get upset when there is nothing I can do about it” is a common statement I hear.  “Why do you want to scare us?” is also common.  I have been accused of helping to generate something like a self-fulfilling prophecy, where enough “negative” people such as I generate enough fear among people that those people actually do things that would bring disaster upon themselves.  There is some truth in that statement, and the suicides of the “Heaven's Gate” cult appear to be one of many possible examples of such things.  These statements need to be addressed.

Could all the things I talk about cause other people to bring them to fruition?  A few of the things might be humanly possible. Some churches encourage increased evangelism to hasten Christ's predicted return, since it was predicted that the entire world will have heard the Gospel before He returns.  Many are trying to encourage the nation Israel to rebuild their third Temple because of prophecies of it existing once again before Christ returns.  It therefore seems possible for us to intentionally help “fulfill” some of the prophecies.  Could we fulfill ALL of the prophecies even if we all worked together in trying?

If you hold to certain forms of eastern religion which believes that everything around us is an illusion, then you would answer yes, since the “illusion” would be generated by our combined consciousness, and even God would be an illusion created by our own minds.  By the way, some believe that this form of belief will be encouraged by the future predicted Antichrist.  I will assume that most of you reading this believe that this world is real and not imaginary.  Now to tackle the last paragraph’s questions.

If you have read What Might Happen and When, you might recall that Jesus Christ fulfilled quite a few prophecies.  Granted, some of the fulfillments appeared to be within human ability, but how could He control where or when He was born,  or where everywhere His family would move to while He was a baby?  How would He control how much money He would be betrayed for, and how it would be disposed of after He was arrested?  How could He choose the method of His death, and keep the Roman soldiers from breaking His legs which was the usual procedure in crucifixion?  How could He control what His accusers would say, or what they would do with His clothes and body?  There are so many other prophecies that Christ fulfilled, that it seems absurd to say that He could have arranged even a fraction of it to happen, unless He was who He claimed to be, God’s only Son.

Many of the prophecies of future events are completely out of human control.  Could we cause something like comet fragments to destroy 5/6ths of an invading Russian army just as they are attempting to invade Israel from the North (Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39)?  Can we cause an asteroid to fall into the ocean, and cause exactly 1/3rd of all sea life and ships in it to be killed or destroyed (Rev. 8:8)?  Can we cause a world-wide earthquake (Rev. 16:18-20)?  One of my current theories is that demons disguised as “aliens” claiming to be from another planet will blame other “aliens” for causing these disasters, so as to confuse the masses about why these disasters are occurring.  I suggest that the reader become familiarized with the myriads of other future Bible prophecies, at least the ones found in the book of Revelation.

(Updated 10/23/99) Many “scared” individuals have asked me, “what should we do,” “how can we prepare,” or “where should we go.”   I am currently not aware of any very good answer on what to PHYSICALLY do, how to PHYSICALLY prepare, or where to PHYSICALLY go.  If my understanding is correct, 2/3rds (or more) of the human population of earth will be destroyed within seven years or less time when the events of the book of Revelation start to happen.  Since much of the deaths will be due to war which will probably include nuclear bombs, you might have a better chance of survival by staying away from any military installations, aerospace industries, maybe even major cities, which might be strategic targets.  Also, you would not want to be downwind for hundreds of miles of any of these targets due to fallout moved by the weather. I doubt that this will do much good, since Christ compared these future events to the Noahic flood that killed everyone on the face of the Earth other than those that entered the specially designed ark (Matthew 24:37-39).  It is interesting that this century is really the first time in history that most of the world no longer believes that a world-wide flood ever occurred.  Nearly every culture in the world has recorded such beliefs, though many of the accounts had become somewhat distorted, but not about the fact that a world-wide flood killing all life occurred.  Now, most people today laugh at the idea that this flood ever happened, and they laugh just as much about the predicted future disasters.  The Bible clearly predicted this is exactly how most people would be just before the predicted disasters would begin (2 Peter 3:3-7).  Some Christians believe that we must do what we can to prepare for the coming disasters.  Stan and Holly Deyo appear to be a couple who you can learn a lot from regarding such preparation.  If you feel led to prepare, then I highly suggest you go to their web site.  You might also find a lot of pracical help at The Survival Bible site.

Since we cannot appear to stop many of the coming disasters, why do I choose to “scare” others with this information?  Maybe we should consider if there is a reason WHY all this is happening, then maybe from there we can figure out WHAT we should do.

So, WHY are all these disasters going to happen?  Did some ancient Bible prophets simply tune into some kind of “psychic” ability they had, and get some purposeless pictures of the future?  Are the coming disasters mainly due to just some interstellar bad luck the earth is going to have?  Are these disasters part of some totally natural cyclic processes that this planet has to endure every few millions of years or so?  If these coming disasters are not part of some bigger purpose, then I would agree with my critics. I should therefore stop informing people (like it appears NASA has done), and let people enjoy the few years they have left, free from mass panic and shut down my web page.  Yet, I believe that there are higher purposes for the coming events.

For nearly two thousand years, the Holy Spirit of God has been trying to convict the inhabitants of the Earth about their greatest sin, their rejection of our perfect Creator who died for all the wrong that they had ever done, namely, Jesus Christ (John 16:7-11).  This passage also says that the Holy Spirit will constantly remind the world that Satan has ALREADY been judged.

Even though Satan and his massive army of fallen angels have been judged, their sentence has not yet been executed.  They will one day be put into a “lake of fire” that will eternally torment them (Rev. 20:10).  What did Satan and the fallen angels do to deserve this?  They became so proud that they rejected God as there King and master, and tried to set up Satan (formerly known as Lucifer) as their own king (Ezekiel 28:1-19).  After mankind fell into sin (rejecting God by trying to become their own gods-- Genesis 3:5), Satan became ruler of the Earth by default (John 4:5-6).  The main purpose of the coming disasters is for “the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world (Satan) will be cast out” (John 12:21).  Jesus Christ came the first time to the Earth to die for its sins.  This also destroyed the authority Satan had over the Earth.  This rule probably goes beyond the Earth, since the word “world” used in the last sentence literally means “cosmos” in the original Greek language.  The main purpose of the second coming of Jesus Christ will be for Jesus Christ to reclaim this “cosmos” (especially the Earth) as His own Kingdom, and to be our King.  Contrary to what most seem to think, the battle of Armageddon is not meant to destroy everything and everyone, it is where Christ fights His enemies who are trying to prevent Him from claiming His Kingdom (Rev. 19:11-21).  Satan and his armies 3.5 years before this point will be forced to stay only on the Earth, when before they still had access to the rest of the universe and even Heaven (Revelation chapter 12).  Satan and other demons will actually possess many humans, especially the leaders, who will actually try to fight Christ as He returns during the battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:13-16).

Many may ask, “Why doesn't God just simply wipe out all of His enemies instantly?”  This is because God actually loves each and every one of us, and He is giving us plenty of time and opportunity to repent (change our ways), and accept Him as our King and Savior.  This ultimately is His universe, and since He created us, we belong to Him.  He has given each of us an entire lifetime to turn away from those people and things that we have chosen to serve, worship, or obsess about, all replacements for serving and worshipping Him.  He has designed the universe to clearly point the fact that He exists, and that we are without excuse for having unbelief in Him (Romans 1:18-23).  There are more people alive today than all that have ever lived before that are now dead.  We therefore well represent all of mankind in terms of our rejection of Him simply by the sheer numbers.  God makes it His habit to give plenty of warnings before He does any judgment (example: He gave the world 120 years of warnings before He completely flooded it-- Genesis 6:3).  The Bible is full of prophecies to warn us of the future judgments.  The Bible also tells us to look at signs on the Earth, moon, stars, and sky for coming signs, disasters and for Jesus Christ's return (Matthew chapter 24).  The book of Revelation shows us that these disasters will tend to be somewhat less bad at first, but will increase in intensity, giving everyone a few more chances to still repent (Rev. 9:20-21; Rev. 16:9,11).

(Updated 10/5/98) It is clear to me that the warning signs of these disasters and judgments have greatly increased in recent times.  It is my belief that we may have been given all the signs we are going to get before some the disasters begin, now that the 9/16/97 lunar eclipse is now in the past.  It is interesting that the first "El Nino" storm officially began within about THREE DAYS after this lunar eclipse.

Earlier, I said that we probably could not PHYSICALLY prepare for the disasters. That does not mean that we cannot prepare SPIRITUALLY.  I challenge you the reader to reconsider who you are going to serve in this life, which is most likely your own self in most cases.  The true King of the universe and of Heaven is coming to reclaim His Kingdom that will last forever.  Your "kingdom" (and even Satan's) will not last much longer.  Why not accept what
good things Jesus Christ has done for you while you still can.  Even if you can escape all the disasters in the next seven (or a few more) years, if you reject Jesus Christ's rule over your life, you will not be able to avoid joining Satan for eternal torment in the "Lake of Fire" (Rev 20:11-15).  I encourage you to join me in following Christ instead, and wait with me for "the blessed hope" of His soon return.   Watch out for His counterfeit which will be coming first very soon, the false man of peace, also known as the Antichrist.

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