Strange "UFO"/"Alien" Encounter Testimonies of Readers

(Updated 10/3/98)

This article is a compilation of testimonies from various readers of this web page that have had an encounter with a "UFO" or "alien" that does not fit into the current popular theories about them.  If you had an encounter that does not quite fit either, and you would not mind to include it, please e-mail me.  If you are included, you will need to let me show your e-mail address in the article.

Testimony #1 (Added 11/16/97)

My unusual encounter with aliens was as follows:

It was an evening during August of 1980 when this occurred. I would put the time at about 3 am.

For background information I should explain a bit about where I "was" at that time in my life. I had been living in my parents home in the southern tier region of New York State. I had completed college a little over a year earlier. I had a job locally and was attempting to save money for some graduate courses. Also during that time I had backslidden from the profession of Christianity I made during my senior year of high school. Although I had been brought up in a major denomination, I did not understand real Christianity to that time. I had always had an interest in UFOs and other occult things, some exposure, but participation was to scary a prospect. During the time I was backslidden, these interests returned.

The event began in the very familiar surroundings of the home I grew up in. I shared the upstairs of the house, which had two bedrooms, with my maternal grandfather. Both rooms had window exposure to the Southwest. My room was to the western side of the house. That night I awoke to two sounds. A lot of screaming from my grandfather, and a pulsating sound which seemed to surround the house from the back yard. My grandfather was screaming "the lights". The window from by bedroom to the back yard was flooded with amber light which pulsated in cadence with the sounds. During this time, I was frozen in terror. Against the backdrop of the pulsating light and sound I saw a figure, rather tall and skinny (bony would be more precise) enter through the closed window. Not climb in, just pass through. There was a desk in front of the window but it went through that as well. The figure was completely black, silhouetted against the amber light flooding the room. It glided across the room to my closet. I kept this closet open most times and it was open then. The figure moved my clothes around and I could hear the metal hangers sliding on the rail in the closet. The figure then glided to the foot of my bed. My right hand was outside the sheet and the figure touched it. A freezing cold sensation began to travel up my arm. Without thinking I blurted out "In the name of Jesus Christ, go away." The figure did, moving like it had been hit by a cannon ball, straight out the way it came in. Once it was out the light and noise ceased. I spoke to my grandfather who asked if I saw the lights. I replied that I had and inquired about whether he had seen anyone. He saw nothing other than the lights.  I went downstairs and awoke my parents. No one else had heard or saw anything. My father was a light sleeper and easily disturbed when things were amiss. He kept several rifles in the bedroom closet because it was not uncommon to have a poacher on the property.

Since using the name of Christ that night, I have never had a repeat of this experience. I quickly came back to Christ. It will always be a testament to me of God's power. I thank God that He is in control.

Testimony #2 (Added 10/3/98)

I will simply provide you a link to a copy of the next testimony that was e-mailed to me, since it is now posted at the author's web site:

Woman harassed by "space beings" at "parties"

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