Are "Alien Abductions" For Real?

When I am asked if I believe in "UFOS," I say yes.  When I am asked if I believe "UFOs" are doing things like creating crop circles, I say yes.  When I am asked if I believed that aliens were highly advanced physical beings coming here in spaceships from other planets, I say no.  After explaining what I think aliens are, the next question I am usually asked is if I believe in "UFO abductions."  The answer is, for the most part, NO.  This article is about my reasons for believing that most "abductions" are not real..

The stories about so-called UFO abductions are unnerving to say the least.  As frightening and strange as they are, they seem to all have some common traits.  These usually include the "victim" being paralyzed, levitated into a spacecraft, and then put through strange medical tests,  and sometimes receive some supposed implant.  For a skeptic like myself about such events, I would require some harder evidence found regarding implants than what I have been told about. Small slivers of glass or metal in and of itself does not constitute hard evidence.  The most telling problem with these so-called abductions center around the process of how the "victim" recalls such memories.

One of the most common traits among "abductees" is the fact that NONE of them can remember any part of the abduction WITHOUT the help of HYPNOTISM. Can one trust the memories that are "recalled" through use of hypnotism? It is important to note that there is NOT ONE state in the United States that will accept the testimony of a court witness that has been hypnotized.  Professor of law and clinical professor of psychiatry Bernard Diamond, says such witnesses who have been hypnotized "often develop a certitude about their memories that ordinary witnesses seldom exhibit. They "graft onto their memories fantasies or suggestions deliberately or unwittingly communicated by the hypnotist." "After hypnosis, the subject cannot differentiate between a true recollection and a fantasy or a suggested detail" (1).

Dr. Diamond said the following in the California Review: "Can a hypnotized person be free from heightened suggestibility? The answer is NO.  Hypnosis is, almost by definition, a state of increased suggestibility.  Can a hypnotist, through the exercise of skill and attention, avoid implanting suggestions in the mind of the hypnotized subject?  No, such suggestions CANNOT be avoided.  After awakening, can the hypnotic subject consistently recognize which of his thoughts, feelings and memories were his own and which were implanted by the hypnotic subject?  NO. It is very difficult for human beings to recognize that some of their own thoughts might have been implanted and might not be the product of their own volition.  Is it rare for a subject to believe that he was not hypnotized when in fact he was?  NO.  On the contrary, very often hypnotic subjects REFUSE to believe they actually went into a trance.  Can previously hypnotized persons restrict their memory to actual facts, free from fantasies and confabulations?  NO...Out of a desire to comply with the hypnotist's suggestions, the subject will commonly fill in missing details by fantasy or confabulation.  After the hypnotic subject is awakened, do the distorting effects of the hypnosis disappear?  The that the effect of suggestions made during hypnosis endures.  During or after hypnosis, can the hypnotist or the subject himself sort out fact from fantasy in the recall?  Again the answer is NO.  NO ONE, regardless of experience, can verify the accuracy of the hypnotically enhanced memory." (2).

I would like to dispel two myths about hypnosis, the myth that the subject cannot lie, and the myth that the subject will never do something against their own will.  There is quite a lot of research that shows that individuals CAN and DO LIE under hypnosis (3).  "Within the hypnotic contract, they (the subject) will do what the hypnotist suggests, experience what they are told to experience, and lose control of movements" (4).    The subject's "perception of the world of outer reality fades away...and there comes a time when the voice of the hypnotist is heard as if within the subject's own mind, and he responds to the will of the hypnotist as to his own will" (5).  There is evidence that a hypnotist can deceive a person into committing an act which would be in violation of his normal range of choice, which could include murder through creation of enough fear in the person (6).  It is also possible for the hypnotist to cause a subject to allow himself to perform an illegal act against them and also for a hypnotist to cause a subject to perform an illegal act (7).

I should also mention that there are plenty of people who are willing to make up evidence just to influence the public toward more belief in extraterrestrials.  The motive is there for many hypnotists who want support for their beliefs.  On a side note, people are going crazy over a supposedly recent discovery of a film of an alien autopsy.  It is difficult for me to believe that the best Army photographers would consistently have the camera out of focus on any close-up shot of the "alien's" organs.  Also, if this film was "discovered" twenty or thirty years ago before the "magic" of computer graphics, I might have been more impressed.  It would not have been hard to find somebody who would be willing to finance such a fakery using digital editing, and then transferring the final product onto older-type film.

I should also mention that there are numerous evidences to consider hypnotism to be nothing more than a modern label for an occultic trance, and in many cases, actually demon possession (8).  The Bible commands us not to use "enchantment" (Leviticus 19:26), or to go to an "enchanter," who is numbered with those who practice witchcraft (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). From my own experience hypnotizing others and being hypnotized myself, I am convinced that the human soul is put into a passive, neutral state that opens us up to influence and control from the demonic spirit world. Other ways to enter this kind of state is through extreme fits of anger, and drug and alcohol "highs." If Satan is truly trying to convince us that he and his fallen angels are "aliens" riding in "UFOs," hypnotism would certainly be one of the best vehicles to use to brainwash us into believing such lies.  It is foolish at best to allow yourself to ever be "hypnotized" in the formal sense.

Based on such overwhelming evidence against trusting hypnotism in gaining any information regarding a person's memory, how can we continue to blindly trust such "evidence?" Yes, there may be OTHER evidences of the presence of UFOs and "aliens," but let us be careful to not be so quick to accept those things that fit neatly into our own stubborn and biased views.

Some additional observations related to this article:

Even though Satan and his vast army of fallen angels are spirit beings without bodies like ours, they have the ability at times to manipulate matter, and even appear in various forms such as human or "alien."  The Bible also talks about these demons being allowed by God to wield more power during the last few years before Christ's return.  Also, if the half-human/half-angel beings talked about in Genesis chapter six are still alive today, then these beings could certainly have a more permanent physical form similar to ours, but they might look "alien" to us.  Some refer to things beings as the Nephilim (Hebrew for "race of giants").  I currently am leaning towards NOT believing that the Nephlim will actually return.  It is quite interesting that NON-CHRISTIAN sources, such as found in TV shows and movies, seem to be pushing the notion that the Nephilim might be real, at least in the form of "aliens."  The Christians at have written a very good article which biblically argues against the idea that the Nephlim will one day return.  

Betty Hill, "the grandmother of the abduction phenomenon that we see today," believes that nearly all supposed alien abductions are not real, but are nothing more than false memories generated through the use of hypnotism.  Check out this article where she goes into more detail.  Interestingly, she has a book out about these false memories, yet not a single UFO organization has done a review of it.  Talk about ignoring the evidence.

I have been in contact with a person I have grown to trust who has worked with quite a number of "abductees," and holds to the same views as myself of what "aliens" are (demons), but still believes that at least a few of these "abductees" have actually been physically abducted, and have been sexually experimented upon (as demons did in Genesis chapter 6).  He believes that hypnotism is used to "remember" MOST of the details.  He claims that there is some recollection before the hypnotism also.   This person says that by far, MOST people who think they were "abducted" were in fact NOT abducted.  Also, he believes that those who were taken somewhere, were NOT taken to a "space ship."  We both believe that demons have the ability to move and manipulate physical objects, so demonic "abduction" is therefore not far-fetched to either of us.  Many of the strange occurrences people report before any real or imagined "abduction" appear to be real.  I find it interesting how similar these occurrences are to what "poltergeists" have been reported to do (and what I have seen "poltergeists" do).


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