What Beings are in Contact with my Relative?

(updated 4/1/11)  (no April Fool's joke)

(Updated 9/6/98) The following consists of a strange conversation that I had with a relative of mine on the night of 8/21/98.  She felt that it was important for me to write down what she had to tell me.  It was very hard to follow her in her logic much of the time, and to keep up.  I believe that what I did write here was rather accurate, in spite of her frantic pace talking, and her sometimes contradictory comments.  I did go back later and try to make more grammatical sense out of portions of it, and make various other minor changes, such as "I" to "she."   My main purpose for posting such information is to provide further important evidence that there are strong connections between "aliens," "UFOs," and "spirit" beings.

I know that many of you that come to this web page are not "religious."  Nevertheless, since at least one web page reader thought I should ask the other readers to pray for my relative, Therefore, I am now requesting that those of you who believe in prayer to pray for my relative.  This is because regardless of where the "voices" my relative hears are coming from, they are greatly disrupting, if not destroying, her life.  So much for the popular myth that "aliens" are benevolent and know what is "best" for us.

(Added 4/11/99) There are certain people familiar with psychology that believe that the "voices" being heard by my relative can be fully explained by her previous drug abuse.  IF I had limited myself to defining her problem only as a "psychological" or "drug-related" problem, I would agree with them.  Yet, from my training in psychology, it is clear to me that the "psyche"  overlaps what most theologians would consider the immaterial soul.  It appears somewhat true that anti-psychotic drugs have helped my relative to "control" the voices, but this does not automatically prove that the voices are NOT from spiritual sources.  Based upon my studies and experiences, there is more going on than merely a psychological disorder or brain chemical imbalance.  I currently believe that drug abuse opens wide a gateway that can allow beings such as "aliens" or "spirits" to make close connections with  us.  You be the judge of this by reading further.

Now, on to what my relative wanted to tell me (note except for what is in parenthesis, all the other words are from my relative):

"Question #1": Who is it that gives different spiritualities power to use every human option given to a Christian by God for the purpose of learning and for choosing right and wrong?   Human options: i.e. entertainment, discussion, fun, playing devils advocate regarding yourself past present, future, or of different people, indirectly or directly.  (This probably won't make any sense until you read further, and understand that "spiritualities" are beings that have been in constant contact with her for about 2.5 years).

What if these spiritualities are using that "gap" within us to find out more about how humans work in general.  (My guess is that she thinks that there are subjects that are outside the jurisdiction of God and the Bible, such as "secular" things.  For the record, I do not believe in "secular" things).

These spirits could provide past history about her in order to "question" her about it.

Topics of interest of these "spiritualities": sex, why she was divorced, info about her families, and other families.

These "spiritualities" are trying to "help" her to calm down, and to not smoke. They are a very positive help to her, in other words.

These "spiritualities" have been in direct contact  with her for 2.5 years (I believe that it has been many more years than this).

She wonders if this is just one spirit,  or are multiple spirits, each asking and talking to her about a topic of their own.

These spirits support her.

These spiritualities always refer to themselves as "we."

They are not in love with or even care about human spirituality.  (I understood this to mean that they think all forms of organized religions are wrong).

They want her to study the Bible for their own benefit, not for her own benefit.

She finds herself in numerous arguments with them, sometimes cussing them out.

They wanted to join in and pray with her whenever she prayed. (I got her to reluctantly admit to a certain degree that they were leading her prayers, even though she fought this suggested idea of mine at first).

Sometimes they seem smarter about spirituality, sometimes dumber, than herself.

They sometimes calls her a "stupid women."

They seem to "judge" her regarding her spirituality, and make her wonder what right or authority they have to judge her in any way.

Her thoughts and her thinking are not all her own at nearly any given time.

Many times she hears stuff she does not want to hear (regarding advice and observations about her), but these things she hears end up being true and helpful.

They wonder what "true love" is.

They many times do not let her relax.  She asks them, "why do I have to be a slave to your spirituality? Even the slaves in the past got to take breaks."

Contact with them is very tiring, and beyond her choice.  They can check inside her memories for themselves to check their validity.  When they check her memories, they come back crystal clear to her beyond normal ability to access them.   As they scan her memories, they will many times ask specific questions about what was going on in them, and why.

They want to find out everything that is going on regarding human activity.

They are trying to tell her not to go back to her old ways of dealing with life.  (I understand this to refer to various self-destructive things going on in her life for at least the past 10 years, possibly longer).

They have taken away her freedom of choice.

She experiences constant interference from these spiritualities.   (I had noticed when in her presence of her being constantly distracted by something as if she was hearing someone else talk to her.  I noticed the same when I talked to her over the phone as I was trying to write down this information, and also when I talked to her in person recently).

Whenever she reads the Bible, she asks them for their interpretation of what she read.  (When I asked her why she does this, she never answers my question, but moves on to another thought).

They can simulate tastes in mouth (various foods) to see how she biologically and  psychologically reacts to them as if she was really tasting such things.

"Question #2:" Can a spirit put a soul in mortal danger even though she is a Christian, even though they claim to be a different spirituality from Christianity? Can such spiritualities have control over a person in order to read their mind, predict their future, and  have control over her (She was reluctant to admit the control part, but did so,  She also admitted that this spirits were doing all this to her for 2.5 years). ).  

Curiosity brings her closer to them whether or not it is "safe" (This has always been the classic lure into most occultic encounters, based upon  my own studies and experiences).

They don't seem to understand the need to work for a living.  She has to provide proof to them.

On the other hand, they are very practical, such as when they make sure she has checked out specific needs of her car, such as oil, gas, etc.

Seems to her that they are different spirits. (More than one).

They claim to be "from a far distant area that is far from this world."

Spirits have trouble telling the difference between her watching TV and her talking/listening to real people.

They call her spirit an "it."  (This is very offensive to her).

It seems at times that they are more interested in dissecting our minds and bodies rather than help us.  She asks them by what authority do they have to control her?  They say she is a measly spiritual being (I assume compared to them).

Sometimes, she has been good friends with them.

They are a spirituality that God does not know about.

These spiritualities claim that they will deal with evil spirits such as "Satan" one day.  (The last two claims are quite arrogant. These beings would have to bethe most amazing beings in the universe, if they can take on Satan, who outside of God, is the most powerful being in the universe.  Please also note how they insult God's omniscience, by claiming that He is not even aware of these powerful spiritualities).

No other human (according to the spiritualities) have been under as much control by them as she has been.  (In my experience, demonic spirits always find it important to puff up their subject's egos.  In this case, they are implying that my relative is their most important and powerful one) 

(Updated 9/6/98) Hopefully, the reader has noticed the strange parallels between what "aliens" supposedly do to people and what these "spiritualities" are supposedly doing to my relative.   My relative claims that apart from myself and her psychologist who is open to the possibility of spirit beings involved, no one else is taking what she says seriously.

(Updated 4/1/11)  This is no April Fool's joke (note the date of this update), but I want to say that I am fully convinced that this relative of mine is a BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN, based on the many years I have known her.  This tends to go against the belief held by many Christians, that a Christian could be so completely demon-controlled and influenced.  Unfortunately, many Christians are naive about the spiritual battle that they are in with demons, and how important it is for them to daily "put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil" (Eph 6:11).


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