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 Frightful Things to Come?

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The Emperor's New Clothes

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What Some "Experts" have said in the Past

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The Myth of being "Open-Minded"

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What is "Truth?"

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What is "Evil?"

What do I think the future holds for us.  I go to the top source for such information:

Bible Prophecy

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Jewish Holidays: Key to Future Events?

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 Some Other Chronologically-Tied Events to Come

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Was there a master plan for the history of mankind?  The "aliens" won't tell you this one:

The Purpose of History

Some of My Thoughts in Brief from the past

Staged Fiction TV Presented as Real

  I watched a recording of the  1/20/98 UPN TV special Alien Abduction.  Here are some observations that make me think that this was staged: As a person trained in psychology, I constantly felt that these were people acting.  The five -year old girl clearly lacked appropriate fear, and no reasonable explanation was given for that, other than "it was eerie."  The filmer focused on filming the reaction of others, rather than try and catch a glimpse of the actual strange events or beings.  The filmer amazingly did not show any of the stress that the others did due to the "implants," even though he made the claim that he got one too, and it "hurt" (camera was held steady, and no cries or moans of pain).  Video shots of the "UFO" ship were always zoomed in, so you never got a good look at it, nor its surroundings.  The video and audio "static" was clearly not created by the original recorder, since it was too clean, quiet, and did not look or sound real.  If this video was left by the "aliens" to help convince us of their existence as some of those said on the show, the "aliens" did a bad job of getting on film due to the static, being far away, or being in the dark.  The "alien ray" made a fake-sounding noise.  Why did they use a scary music soundtrack that constantly played during the video, accenting the scarier parts, just like in a movie?  Lit candle height appeared to remain the same from time they were allegedly lit (around 7:30 PM), to end of recording (11:29 PM).  If all this did not make you skeptical, see what was put on the credits at the end of the show: featuring Shari Khademi as Alien 1; Myles Wolf as Alien 2.

What is actually causing "Global Warming,"El Nino, and La Nina?

Back starting in late 1997, the news media was constantly saying that all the strange weather the world was having was due to El Nino, or maybe even due to the Greenhouse Effect (what is now referred to as "Global Warming." The Greenhouse effect is far too slow over the years to be the cause of the changes (0.5 degree Fahrenheit increase over the past 50 years).  El Nino is by definition is a more localized Pacific Ocean event, which starts around 12/25 (Christmas), and used to be considered a seven-year (or more) cycle event (last "El Nino" was in 1995).  El Nino and the Greenhouse Effect therefore cannot be the explanation for things such as record-sized hurricanes in BOTH the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, record-sized floods ALL over the world, and  the sudden and rapid melting of Antarctica and of the permafrost in Alaska.  There is even rainfall being observed for the first time ever on the coast of Antarctica.  Gary Goodwin thinks all this strange weather was caused by the relatively recent flyby of comet Hale-Bopp, since the sun has been putting out record sized coronal mass ejections daily, and it is affecting the Earth.  It is a well-known fact that sun activity like this affects the Earth's magnetic field, and can even disrupt and damage electrical equipment on Earth and in space.  The Earth is basically a giant electromagnet, with a giant magnetic field generated by churning molten iron inside the Earth due to the Earth's rotation.  According to Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field Laws, any changes in the electric field (molten iron moves, creating an electric current) will induce a magnetic field (the one around the Earth).  Also, the laws state that any change in the magnetic field (the sun's coronal mass ejections hitting the magnetic field and disturbing it) will induce an electric field (the natural levels of electric current inside the Earth is increased).  Whenever you have an increase in current, you have an increase in heat.  Therefore, I believe that the Earth's surface is most likely being heated up by increased heating within the Earth!  Since the Earth's crust is thinnest in the oceans (around two miles thick), this is where one would expect to see evidence of the heating first.  Also, this would explain for the increase in the worldwide volcanic and earthquake activity also, not to mention some other strange things happening since late 1997.

"It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search out a matter."
Proverbs 25:2

"They say they want the kingdom, but they don't want God in it."

From the song, The Wanderer, by U2

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