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This article covers a few of the events in my life that I think are significant to the main subject of my web page. Some readers may wonder why I mention so many of my "spiritual" or "religious" experiences.  These same readers would also wonder why many (if not most) people involved with "UFOs" such as the Heaven's Gate UFO "cult" also mention "spiritual" and/or "religious" experiences.  I believe that my personal testimony of certain events from my life will help the reader in understanding some of the true nature of "UFOs" and other "spiritual" phenomena.

My first encounter with a "UFO" was when I was about ten years old.  At the time, I was living in North Hollywood, California.  One day at about 3 PM , while I was looking at the south-east portion of the sky from my backyard, I observed five shiny objects in a pentagon-shaped formation.  At first, I thought they were military jets.  I estimated their altitude to be at about 35,000 feet, and that their metallic shine was consistent with their position with the sun as a reflection.  I started to doubt that they were military jets when I noticed that they were not moving.  After watching them for a few minutes, the five objects began to move slowly away from each other symmetrically, so as to keep a perfect pentagram shape.  Then I noticed a great acceleration, and the five objects sped out of my sight, all maintaining a straight direction.  I told a few friends about it, but they all thought I was crazy.  I did not tell any grown-ups what I saw for quite a few years, since I knew they would not believe me.  I became somewhat obsessed about the formation the UFOs made.  A few months later, I made a kid's club that required all of us to wear arm bands with the symbol on it, but with straight connecting lines between all the five points.  The reader at this time might want to draw this to see what this symbol looked like, and then think about where else that symbol appears.

My second "UFO" encounter was when I was about twelve years old.  I was on a Boy Scout backpacking trip in the Angeles National Forest near Mt. Gleason. We were on day two of a three day trip, where we were to hike from one camp site to another for the next night.  During the hike, we reached a fork in the trail that was not shown on the maps.  My dad (who was leading the hike) and I never hiked the trail before.  All the senior scouts who went on this trail before claimed that we were supposed to turn right, so we went right.  Toward late afternoon, we crossed a river that we should not have crossed, which told us we chose to go the wrong way.  Since it was very late, my dad made the decision that we camp near the river for the night.  I thought it was great, since we could finally be "real" Boy Scouts and do things like make our own campfires rather than have to use the typical "stoves" at approved camp sites.  That night, we slept on top of our "tube" tents, so that the sky was in plain view.  Since I usually slept very little on camping trips due to how uncomfortable it was, I just stayed awake much of the time.  Earlier in the night before we hit the hay, we could see helicopters flying around in the distance, and we thought that maybe our scoutmaster who was waiting for us at the other camp site must have told the rangers that we were missing (which is what he did).  About 2 AM, I was looking east at a mountain ridge about a mile away, and I saw what I thought was another search helicopter.  It was slowly moving back and forth fairly low over the trees.  Lights from the "helicopter" illuminated a large area of trees at a time. The lights were multicolored, something like Christmas tree lights, as opposed to just white lights.  I thought that maybe they used these special lights because they somehow worked better in the wooded mountain side.  After watching this for a few minutes, the craft slowly drifted out of sight over the mountain ridge.  Just as it was leaving, it occurred to me that the craft itself had lots of the same strange lights illuminating itself, and that I should have heard the helicopter rotor sounds like the helicopters we heard earlier.  I finally realized that this was not a helicopter.  Nobody else was awake to see this craft.  I did not tell anyone else what I saw for quite a while (maybe a year).

Like most children, I loved to play "practical" jokes (I still do). By the time I was ten, I realized that the best jokes would require a better understanding of psychology, especially regarding the "subconscious."  Probably my most amazing "joke" was when I used "reverse psychology" on a neighbor who was learning how to drive in high school.  My best friend and I who were three years younger than my neighbor, were jealous that my neighbor would soon be able to drive around, when we couldn't. So, by following my instructions, my friend and I pretended to be in support of my neighbor's driving lessons, but we would always interject some "bad news" about the dangers of driving, such as how we heard about someone recently getting killed in an auto accident.  It did not take long for my neighbor to drop out of driver's education classes.  He resumed driving lessons only after he graduated from high school. I am not proud of what I did, but it does show how powerful psychological tools can be, either for bad or good.

My interest in the "subconscious" did not stop there.  I also became interested in what some call "parapsychology." I wanted to find out if I had "psychic" ability.  I figured that the keys to these abilities were within our "subconscious."  I was amazed in the past about how "Ouija" boards seemed to really work, but like most people, I always suspected that the other person was moving the viewing piece.  I decided to buy what was called a "Kreskin's ESP Kit," which included a one-person version of a "Ouija" board.  One used a pendulum that would swing back and forth over the board, where the letters and numbers were spread out like degrees on a protractor.  The angle of the swing would determine the letter or number which was being chosen.  This at first was not at all supernatural to me.  I believed that it was my "subconscious" mind that was telling my hand to cause the pendulum to swing seemingly all by itself.  I would ask very practical questions, such as "where is my wallet?" when one time I could not find it.  The pendulum slowly spelled out, "U-N-D-E-R-T-H-E-B-E-D."  I looked there, and found my wallet.

After a few months of asking "myself" questions like the last one, in the middle of one of the answers, a new message, like a special news break, spelled out: "T-H-I-S-I-S-N-O-T-Y-O-U-R-M-I-N-D-I-T-I-S-A-S-P-I-R-I-T-L-I-V-I-N-G-I-N-Y-O-U-R-R-O-O-M."  This "spirit" identified itself as a man who was an Army Captain who fought during the Civil War, and was buried nearby.  The "Captain" became my first "spirit guide," who would tell me things about the supernatural world, and what I should be doing with my life.  Eventually, the "Captain" did not need to use the pendulum to communicate to me.  He would many times talk to me in my dreams.  Twice, he appeared as something like a dull white glowing ball in my room. On a recent TV show called "Alien Abduction," I was surprised to see a supposed alien space probe flying around inside of a house look exactly the same (except for the color) as the dull white glowing ball I saw in my room.

Through my personal studies, and "spiritual" guidance, I began to get more in touch with my supposed "psychic powers."  I found that I could put certain "weak-minded" people into hypnotic trances without even talking to them or letting them see me, and control them through my thoughts.  I caused a rival junior high student during lunch to move over to a trash can, and then sit in it, by just pointing at him and then at the trash can.  This happened right in front of his girlfriend and his other friends.  Another time the same student was waving around a twenty dollar bill (lots of money for a kid at that time), and I just opened my hand, as if I was just waiting for him to give it to me.  He slowly began to move toward me with his hand extended with the money.  He was clearly trying to FIGHT moving toward me, but he could NOT resist my "command."  Even before he gave the bill to me, he was saying over and over, "give that BACK to me."  I did give it back later, but only after I showed him and his friends my "power."  I also many times used more conventional methods of hypnotism, mainly for entertaining myself.  One of my favorite things I asked people to do was to astral project (have their souls leave their bodies supposedly), and travel to various places to tell me what they saw.  I even had them supposedly visit other planets.  I would ask them to tell me about their past lives also.

I began to develop my own unique view of witchcraft.  I believed witchcraft was mainly an outdated way of understanding our own psychic powers.  Instead of having to cast spells or make "potions" which I saw as symbolic crutches, I believed I got the same results by just directly going to the source of the power: my mind.   I considered myself a truly modern "warlock," and just like most of those who practice witchcraft, I claimed to be practicing "white magic," which is supposed to be the good kind which is meant to "help" people or do "good."  The strange thing about this was that I would use this "white magic" to occasionally do things like wish people dead (fortunately, no one I did this to died that I know of, but bad things did happen to them).

My psychic quest drew a good handful of followers.  If I wanted to "convert" someone to my beliefs, all I had to do was do real "magic tricks."  For instance, I "psychically" caused a student "H" to greet my female eighth grade English teacher by another teacher's name, in this case a male teacher's name, as he came in the room.  This happened just as I told her it would. Another example: A very skeptical Jewish student "S" in my sixth period eighth grade science class wanted to set up and control a test of my powers in a way I never quite used them before.  Since he knew I supposedly had control over "H" who was also in our class, he set up this test: Without telling or signaling "H" in any way, I was supposed to cause him to trip as he left the classroom when he does his job of dumping the teacher's trash into the bigger trash can just outside of class at the end of the class.  He told me this test after class already started, and he kept his eyes on both "H" and myself to make sure no signal would transfer between us.  All I did was "concentrate" in my mind to cause "H" to trip.  Right before 3 PM, the teacher signaled "H" to go dump the trash.  As "H" was walking through the already open door, it was as if his right foot which was halfway up in the air got stuck by an invisible barrier, and he suddenly fell head-first, right into a couple of girls who were let out of class early, trash and container all flying.  After "S" saw this, he turned to look at me.  His face became completely white as if he was in shock.  He ended up becoming one of my most devoted disciples, along with other disciples, such as my first girlfriend who I "psychically wished" to come up to me and talk, since I was too shy at the time to go up to her.

Needless to say, these "powers" were really making me become rather big-headed.  I had a friend "F" who supposedly "channeled God," so I could talk to Him about what I should do.  Both of us for "fun" even made up a religion, which was based around worship of a large white rock.  Through "God's" instruction, I was to do "missions" for Him to increase my "powers," especially so that I could astral project.  I wanted to visit Him in Heaven, or wherever He was.  I remember "God" seemed to get a bit nervous when I asked Him about doing that particular astral trip for some unknown reason.  An old, deaf women that was a retired college professor became my psychic mentor and guide for about two years, and I visited her typically once a week.  More and more, the notion of wanting  to become  a powerful world leader consciously grew in me (yes, it was egotistical, even for a junior high child).  I KNEW that I could become a world dictator, since I believed that I had enough "power" to help me become such a thing!

I could go on and on with more examples of my "psychic" experiences.  I could talk about how I saw "ghosts" of people that were not dead, but were of people I would meet for the first time for real in the future, maybe a few years later.  I could talk about having to get up in the middle of the night numerous times to stop my dead grandfather's favorite rocking chair from rocking in the same room as I was, but with nobody else around (it squeaked quite noticeably).  I could tell you what it is like to grow up in "haunted" houses nearly all my life.  I could tell you about the testimonies of the "supernatural" things neighbors would still see happening at our old houses even after our family members had moved out.  

Many people I tell my stories to tell me that they wish they could see stuff like I have.  They don't know that there was a large price to pay:  I constantly lived in a state of fear.  Most kids grow out of their fear of the dark.  Now many years later, I am still working on "growing out of it."  On top of all this, many of the "supernatural" stories my family have told me regarding their own experiences blow away most of my stories.

Around the beginning of the eighth grade, for some reason I decided to make a prayer.  Even though my non-Church-attending parents dropped me off regularly at "Sunday School," I had no firm belief of who or what God was.  I labeled myself a "Christian," even though I was practicing witchcraft, transcendental meditation, yoga, kung fu, and other unusual "spiritual" practices not taught in the Bible. I believed that all paths eventually would lead to truth, but I wanted to find the shortest path to it.  I decided to make a prayer, something like this: "God, I don't really know who or what You are, but if there are specific truths I can know about You, please show them to me, because I would like to know." I later found out that prayer can be a dangerous thing, mainly because you sometimes get exactly what you ask for.

Roughly a year later, my family moved from North Hollywood to down further south in California.  My latest "spirit guide" was some "alien" creature named something like "Zeegon" who was supposed to be more highly evolved than humans, yet he appeared to me in "visions" and/or dreams as a kind of a monkey in a space suit.  He was supposedly communicating to me "telepathically" from his spaceship.  This guide did not get far in his guiding me, due to the next few events.

Within a month, I went with a bunch of high schoolers on a beach trip, just west of the Los Angeles International Airport. "B" and I went out in the water to "body surf," (like Boogie-boarding, but without the board).  I noticed that we were in pretty deep water, and I could not even come close to the bottom when I dove under.  Out in the distance, we saw a large wave coming in fast.   As we started to swim toward it, we realized that it was a lot bigger than it originally looked.  I have gone to swim at beaches many times before, but I NEVER before saw a wave as big as this.  We both actually thought it was a tidal wave.  I have heard of people having their life "go before their eyes," but I thought that was just a saying.  It actually happened to me.  It was as if major events of my life were played clearly in my mind in fast forward chronologically.  The last thing I saw was my mother in the future, seeing my dead body floating head down in the water, and seeing her grief.  At that point, I just turned and faced the shore, so I would not see the wave as it hit me.

Well, I still saw the wave out of the corner of my eye.  It broke less than twenty feet behind me.  The height of the white water was still much higher than any wave I had ever seen before this.  As soon as the wave hit me, I was on the bottom of the ocean floor.  In a half-panicked state, I lunged with arm strokes back to the surface that was rather far up.  As soon as I got to the surface, I barely had time to gasp for any air before another large wave hit me and knocked me to the bottom.  By this time, I had been pushed horizontally a great distance toward shore, so it was not quite as deep the second time.  As I was coming up for more air, a third wave knocked me under again, but I was now in relatively shallow water.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you try to run, but you only can move in slow motion?  It seemed to be happening at this time, but for real.  As I was running (almost crawling) out of the water, I illogically thought that I needed to still try and "outrun" the tidal waves.  I noticed that everyone near the shore laying on towels were all soaked by the first wave, and that they were all moving their stuff farther inland.  My fellow swimming friend and I told our story for many months after that.  The heavy subject of death was now a very real picture in my young adolescent life.

Less than a month later, to avoid going on seemingly endless summer camping trips with my parents, I managed to get to stay for a time at another relative's house. For some reason, for about the last week previous to my going to my relative's house, I was suddenly being exposed to a lot of new "spiritual" experiences and methods, such as "numerology," that seemed to be working in very amazing ways.  I was at my peak of fanaticism regarding "psychic" powers.  One day at my relative's house, I tried to "convert" my relative into doing occultic practices.  I basically used the argument that we should use all the powers that God has given us to get ahead in life.  I told my relative how I hardly even needed to study in school, since enough answers to questions on tests would come to my mind without studying so that I would at least always pass them.  My relative was shocked that a "Christian" like me would be practicing such stuff.  My relative recently had become "saved," and during the discussion, my relative began to throw a bunch of Bible verses at me that I never never knew before  As soon as my relative would make a point, an answer would suddenly pop into my head, which would tear apart her point once I spoke it.  I obviously thought I was really smart.  My relative who was quite a bit older, could not seemingly stand up to my "wisdom."

This discussion kept going on for a while until my relative said that the Bible taught that one day, the world would end, and that God would once and for all bring every human back from the dead to live forever, and then they would all face some kind of judgment.  I never really knew the Bible said that, and it intrigued me.  Up to that point in time, I believed that THIS life was what was important, and that once we died, we would either become "spirit guides" or be reincarnated once again into the physical plane of existence.  I believed that being "saved" was simply acknowledging Jesus' death, so that somehow you would make God happy at you for noticing what Jesus did.

I was in such deep thought about this idea of the dead coming physically back to life to live forever, it was as if I was not in the room with my relative.   As I was coming back mentally to the room, I found that my vocal cords and mouth were still arguing with my relative!  It was not me talking!  For at least a minute, I just watched in amazement the discussion go on without me.  Suddenly, (it's hard to describe exactly) it felt like something as powerful as a tidal wave coming up and out of my body, especially through the top of my head, as if something was leaving.  This exiting seemed to go on for a long time, but probably only lasted a few seconds.  The first thought that came to me after that was "now, for the first time in my life, I could think for myself."

I had another strange experience in my head right at that time.  What made it strange was that it was not so much a feeling as it was new cognitions.  I saw a lot of unconnected facts I knew about life and God come together like magnets, thus making a bigger picture of reality than I ever saw before. The picture I now saw was of Jesus Christ.  He became so real to me, not just some dead person from ancient history.  It is hard to explain, but it was as if He was now speaking to me, but in a loving and gentle way that no "aliens" or "ghosts" ever did.  I clearly realized that my search for truth was found in the person of Jesus who was written about in the Bible.  I basically locked myself in a bedroom for about three days with only a Bible, to study these new thoughts that had now so clearly come to me, and to find out about my new and best "guide" ever.  I did not just accept Jesus as my "guide."  In prayer to Him, I  believed in and accepted His Gospel, that He died in place of all my sins, so that when all of mankind is physically raised from the dead,  I could be saved from eternal punishment.  I also accepted His rulership over my life.

My "supernatural" experiences did not end after my conversion to "Christianity."  I could talk about my attempt at doing an "exorcism," or the strange things I experienced when I took a short leave of Christianity in the '80's to practice "New Age" occultism, or how it was like trying to deal with "spirits" on a regular basis as a Christian in my parent's "haunted" houses, or elsewhere.  I could also tell you about when I met my "guardian angel."  I believe those testimonies are beyond the scope this article, at least at this time.  

My hope is that by this point, I have shown enough data from my life for the reader to see that there are very clear similarities between what goes on in the occult, in witchcraft, in psychic or "New Age" practices, AND in "UFO" encounters.  I would also hope that I have perked the readers' interest to go beyond what I have written here, and that they would try to make sense of what this all means, especially in light of what even some scientists are now calling the soon coming "end of the world." The reader should also be made aware of the fact that every person who has ever had a UFO or alien experience also had previous occultic experiences in some way either directly or indirectly.

Though I did not personally experience the following, I thought it was important to report here what another family member of mine claimed to have seen.  Back in 1995, this particular relative, who believed "UFOs" were really just highly evolved aliens from other planets, called to tell me about something that had just recently happened.  Like much of my family, he had seen quite a few ghosts before.  He told me that a few nights before, he saw two "aliens" walking right by him while he was lying in bed.  He described them as looking like the stereotypically short, grey, big-eyed creatures we see pictured by current popular media.  This alone was not what surprised him, believe it or not.  What surprised him was that he could see through these "aliens," just as if they were ghosts!  Not only that, they came back another night, and he from the bed, he kick RIGHT THROUGH one of them, as if they were not there!  He wanted me to try to explain to him why this was so, and told them that they were demons, just like all the "spirit guides" I had dealt with before I became a Christian.

Some people (especially some Christians), have told me that they think that I am bragging or "glorifying the devil" by how I tell my testimony.  Well, if I was a juror listening to a witness testifying during a trial, I would hope that the witness would be as honest and uncoached by the lawyers as possible, so that I would be able to understand what really happened, and be able to more clearly see if the charges in the case are actually true or false, as opposed to having to see which witnesses had the best coaches.  I just want to tell it exactly how I remember the facts. I honestly do not believe that I am sharing this information to satisfy my ego. Each reader is going to have to decide for themself what to do with my testimony of the facts as I saw them.

If you have had unusual but similar experiences as I have, especially if they relate to "UFOs" or "aliens," please consider telling me about it, so that I could include your testimony at my web site.

Other Thoughts to Ponder:

How come every person I have met who has seen a "UFO" also has had some kind of "psychic" experience, such as seeing "ghosts," or maybe knowing the "future?"  Why do "aliens" communicate telepathically, or by channeling (actually possessing a human body to talk through), like with the Heaven's Gate "cult" members?  How come the science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, in his book, "2010," renames the planet Jupiter to "Lucifer," when it became a second sun in our solar system?  Why does the name "Lucifer" come up so many times regarding messages from "UFOs?"  Why do most of the messages from "aliens" talk about themselves saving our world from coming destruction, by setting up a certain man as a one-world ruler, and getting rid of those who would be against the coming new changes, such as those "narrow-minded Christians?"  Most occultists have caught "spirits" or "aliens" LYING to them, but then claim it was ANOTHER spirit or alient that PRETENDED to be them that told them this lie.  Why would spirits or aliens who CLAIM to want to help us, EVER LIE TO US?  Would Satan lie if he talked to you?   Since it has been said in the Bible (in 2nd Corinthians 11:14), "For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light," how can the reader be so sure that any seemingly "good" spirits or "good aliens" are not "of Satan."  Did the reader know that Satan is called "the father of lies," and that "there is no truth within him" (John 8:44)?

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