Frightful Things to Come?

Why do so many people think that aliens are nice creatures if they abduct and abuse humans at all? Why do so many of us think that aliens will solve our problems when eyewitnesses over and over again tell us how immature and idiotic the behavior of aliens are. If UFO flight paths are not for show, then they are idiotic also

 There is a growing desire and expectation of humans here on Earth in making full contact with beings from other planets.  Back in 1970, when I saw my first UFO, I found out very quickly that other people thought you were totally crazy if you said you saw such things.  The world has changed quite a bit since then  when I was a child.  In fact, in l
ate 1997, a poll taken in USA shows that for the first time ever, more than fifty percent of Americans now believe in UFOs.  Since then, there have been USA polls that put the figure at over eighty percent or more.

A trusted minister friend of mine who I shared my information with was surprisingly open to what I had to say.   He told me why this was so.  Not too many years ago, another friend of his that worked in the government at some kind of secret level said, "I know that you are a religious person, so this might be important to you.  I cannot tell you much, but I am telling you to watch in the next few years, how there will be a major increase in TV shows and movies about aliens and UFOs, and  various types of disasters.  This will be no coincidence or accident, since there is a purpose for it occurring."

Needless to say,  such shows and movies came about, such as The Fourth Kind, 2012, Knowing,  Mission to Mars, Millennium, X-Files, The Omega Code, End of Days, Sightings, Independence Day, Contact, Men in Black, Star Trek: First Contact, Asteroid, Volcano, Deep Impact, Inferno, The Mark, Armageddon, and others.  If there was a bigger purpose for these shows beyond entertainment and  money-making, what was it?

Rumors abound about UFOs and aliens.  Due to digital technology, films and pictures are quite often faked, so that we can never really know whether or not what we see is real or fiction.  Since such information can be faked, it appears that we are forced to rely upon other things, such as scientific analysis, and eyewitness testimony.

Scientists have been baffled about UFO behavior, such as numerous reports of them:

-- going over 30,000 miles per hour through every part of our atmosphere without ever making sonic booms.

-- going though the surface of the earth and bodies of water without leaving any crash evidence or debris.

-- doing numerous right angle turns at high speed, something that would generate nearly INFINITE G-force.  Even our best fighter planes would disintegrate at around 18 to 20 G's (1 G is equal to the normal pull of earth's surface gravity).

-- change shape and color, materialize and de-materialize without moving.

Here is an in-depth article by Dr. Bruce Maccabee on UFOs doing "impossible" high speed maneuvers.  Many try to explain this problem away by saying that they travel "in other dimensions," whatever that means.  Isn't that where a lot of people claim ghosts, angels, and demons reside also?

The idea of UFOs coming from higher dimensions rather than from other planets seems to be what most of the top UFO experts now believe, based upon their findings.  The similarities between aliens and spirit beings go even further.   Read a number of quotes from the experts.  You won't get this viewpoint  from TV or the movies, at least not until you are deemed ready to hear it by the powers-that-be.

Remember the Heaven's Gate "cult" that killed themselves in order to get a ride on a spaceship that was supposedly following comet Hale-Bopp back in 1997?  What surprised cult experts was the average level of education of their membership.  Most of them were scientists, engineers, and college professors!  They believed that they had to be in SPIRIT form to enter the spacecraft!  Also, they believed that the "aliens" they were in contact with had to INDWELL them as SPIRITS to help them enter the craft!  As weird as this may sound, their beliefs are very similar to most people who supposedly have had contact with aliens, such as alleged abductees.

Psychologist Dr. William J. Baldwin, author of the book, Close Encounters of the Possession Kind, is involved with a new "psychological" therapy called "Spirit Releasement."  It is supposedly a form of "exorcism" that releases spirits who have attached themselves to various humans that are addicted to various things, including "fear."  What makes this even more interesting, is that many of these "spirits" are supposedly "aliens" here for various reasons, such as for observing us, and to speak through us.  Once again, the difference between aliens and spirits becomes less and less.

In spite of all the testimonies of kidnapping and abuse both physically and mentally by aliens of humans, most are persistent that aliens are here to "help" us.  See my own research into alien abductions.  Hypnotism is the main method for "abductees" to be able to "remember" their abduction.  Based upon my own experiences and studies of hypnotism, it looks like most "abductees" are being fed false memories and  are being mind controlled!  I have not completely ruled out actual physical abductions, but it appears that things are not what they seem after critical analysis.

For a number of years, there has been a common message coming to us from the "aliens" through abductees and other contactees:"We (the aliens) are your creators.  We helped you evolve.  You are about to make a major jump in your evolutionary development.  The evolutionary jump will be a SPIRITUAL one.  We will bring to power a hybrid alien-man who will become your world leader.  He will help guide you to the next level.  There are narrow-minded groups of people out there who will not "be ready" for the jump.  They will see your new leader as evil, even call him "the Antichrist.".   We will deal with them (some say exterminate) so that the rest of you may continue evolving.   Also, there are "evil" aliens out there who will try to destroy you with various earth disasters, such as causing asteroids to hit earth.  They want to come here to conquer you and your planet, but we must all fight against these invaders."

Of course there are many more details that you need to know, such as the fact that you have ALREADY been brainwashed to a large degree into trusting the coming "aliens," and accepting the world ruler that is about to take over the world.  "The truth is out there," as a famous fictional character says, but the truth may be much closer and more strange to your so-called "modern" thinking than you ever realized.

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